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Community Activities

The Lodge sponsors a number of events each year to serve the community. We draw a great deal of pleasure from watching everyone enjoy themselves at the same time we are helping fulfill our commitment of helping those less fortunate. Always keeping in mind Elks Care and Elks Share. The following are just a fee of the many functions supported by the Lodge. Keep an eye on our calendar to see what coming up next!

Hoop Shoot

Hoop Shoot

Hoop Shoot is held annually during the month of December. It is either held at the Boys and Girls Club (401 Drake Street) or the Silver Springs Recreation Center (1951 Silver Springs Pkwy.). We need your involvement in the function, as it takes 8-10 individuals to make this a success. This has always been a lot of fun for all. See the Lodge calendar for the next scheduled event.


Dictionary Project

The Dictionary is relatively new to the Lodge with our involvement for the last three years. Our goal is to provide a dictionary to every third grader in Henderson each year. We provided to two schools the first year, three schools the second year and six schools the third year. We need your help to continue to grow this program. Donations may be made toward the purchase of the dictionaries - the cost is $41.00 per case. Each dictionary has a label identifying the donor(s). See the Lodge calendar for the next scheduled delivery.


School Supplies & Accelerated Reading Program

At the beginning of the school year the Members bring in school supplies for donation to CT Sewell and Robert Taylor Elementary Schools. These two schools have poorest children in attendance and the supplies are very much needed. Supplies may also be given throughout the school year. We started a program with Robert Taylor Elementary School in which we donate $120-$150 to assist with their accelerated reading program. The funds go for the testing programs to determine the child’s progress with the retention and understanding of what they have read. Since the inception of the program the children have now read over 5-million words.

Hampton Court

Hampton Court Halloween & Christmas Parties

We work very closely with the Hampton Court Boys and Girls Club in support of both their Halloween and Christmas Parties. We provide, prepare and serve the food for about 85 children in attendance of each of these parties. You cannot describe the feeling you come away with after participating in one of these functions. It cannot help but lift your spirits to see the look on the children's faces. We can always use extra volunteers and financial assistance for these functions. See the Lodge calendar for the next scheduled event.

Holiday Baskets

Thanksgiving & Christmas Basket Program

Each year the Lodge adopts 12-15 different families for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. We provide the turkey and all the trimmings for a complete Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. At Christmas we provide enough food in the baskets to help feed the children during the Christmas break. We also see that each child in the family receives one or more gifts from Santa. The families are selected with the assistance of CT Sewell and Robert Taylor Elementary Schools along the support of the Hampton Court Boys and Girls Club. Your assistance with donation of food or finance will be greatly appreciated by all involved. See the Lodge calendar for the next scheduled event.

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