Henderson/Green Valley
Elks Lodge No. 2802





"We are Caring For America's Heroes"


We provide Nevada State Veterans Home veterans, having little or no family, an opportunity to be recognized and accepted as part of our family, even if only for a little while. Our adopted veteran, Lou Micciulla, was born 13 June 1919 in Connecticut. He was adopted by the Lodge 10 June 2008. Lou was in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. He was also a World War II Veteran. Lou was interested in all sports and had the opportunity to coach a number sports throughout his life. I'm sorry to report Lou passed Sunday 13 December 2009. May he rest in peace.

This is an opportunity to share your life's freedoms, with a hero who fought for those freedoms.

Freedom to: Please contact Ken Bazar, Adopt-A-Vet Chairman at kbazar@cox.net or (702)558-5053 if you have any questions orr require assistance.
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